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Osmium Tetra-iodide, OsI4

Osmium Tetra-iodide, OsI4, was obtained by Moraht and Wischin by heating on the water-bath osmic acid, H2OsO4, and a concentrated aqueous solution of hydrogen iodide. The osmic acid slowly dissolves, yielding a deep brown solution, which is stable in the cold. Concentration in vacuo over sulphuric acid and caustic potash (to absorb the hydrogen iodide), and subsequent recrystallisation, yields rhombohedral crystals violet-black in colour, and of metallic appearance. They are hygroscopic, readily soluble in alcohol and water, yielding a reddish brown solution stable in the cold, but one that readily decomposes on warming with precipitation of a dark oxy-iodide.

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